Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Available for Microsoft SQL Server and other databases.

ERP, P.O.’s, Assemblies (Kits), Inventory, Serial Number and Lot Warehouse Management System.

This system is great if you need to track everything! If you are a manufacturer of  complicated products costing over $100,000.00 then you need this system. You can track every nut, bolt, tubing, sheet metal or any other material to the exact purchase, lot number and supplier.

You might think systems like this are unaffordable or nearly impossible to install. Most of them are, this one is not. This system was developed with users involved every step of the way. Plus our CTO Patrick Arehart with over 30 years in database design and manufacturing experience designed the database and programs.

Perfect for demanding Department of Defense (DoD) government projects or jobs.

System will let you report the bill of materials of assemblies and show which purchase orders and supplier each part came from.

System uses our unique double entry accounting method of tracking inventory. Know where every piece of a lot is located in your inventory.

Bin location systems handles infinite levels of detail. Wizards make loading your bin locations a snap. We’ll walk you through it all.

System can easily ported to other databases. No proprietary usages of MSSQL T-SQL was used. If we were to write it again, we would choose MySQL first, next we would choose DB2/400 or  Oracle. If you like PostgreSQL or something else we are happy to help with those as well. We could write a version for the IBM i too.

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