Database Optimization

We can help make SQL queries into your data lightning fast. It doesn’t matter what database platform you have, we can make it faster than you have even wished for. All without replacing your existing hardware or software.

If you are close to needing an upgrade to your database hardware we can help. Think about it. This could save you hundreds of thousands if you have a large IBM or Oracle server. If your server is 12 years old it still has life if you talk with us.

Are you using or about to start using Business Intelligence (BI) tools? This is a huge burden on your systems. Let us bring in our solution first. We can help get your databases ready for BI and train your users. If you don’t prepare your databases for this first your users will have a tough time getting BI tools to work. Save yourself the headache and call us at 937-439-0444.

Our solution does not involve changing your current system in any way. It doesn’t matter what database you have. It doesn’t matter if your is located in your offices or in the cloud at AWS or Google. We can even help you with AS400 DB2 or IBM Mainframe DB2. We have solutions that will very likely increase the speed of your queries by a factor of 12. Yep, 12 times faster using hardware that may cost less than $1000.00. If your DB is extra large then the hardware might be $2000.00. This is all so easy to reproduce that you don’t need high end servers. If you want you can have a hot spare PC ready to come in (but this is mainly inquiry so you probably don’t need a backup PC for something you build in again in a few hours). The choice is yours how much protection you want. The speed increase is real though. We will use MySQL while creating solutions so there are no database licensing charges are necessary. You can use Oracle or MSSQL too if you want. All databases run faster on the PC we will build for you.  The PC with our methods will just run FAST!

Another great use of this Database Server “Appliance” is to combine many separate databases into one central DB for inquiry across your entire enterprise. We have a website dedicated to this called Dmeld

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