July 18, 2017

Database Optimization

We can help make SQL queries into your data lightning fast. It doesn’t matter what database platform you have, we can make it faster than you have even wished for. All without replacing your existing hardware or software.

If you are close to needing an upgrade to your database hardware we can help. Think about it. This could save you hundreds of thousands if you have a large IBM or Oracle server. If your server is 12 years old it still has life if you talk with us.

Are you using or about to start using Business Intelligence (BI) tools? This is a huge burden on your systems. Let us bring in our solution first. We can help get your databases ready for BI and train your users. If you don’t prepare your databases for this first your users will have a tough time getting BI tools to work. Save yourself the headache and call us at 937-439-0444.

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