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We can help you with BI. Business intelligence tools don't often work well at first for a lot of databases. We have the experience to make it easier for everyone to use these fantastic tools.

Is your database server aging? Are you worried that intense queries will slow it down? We have simple ways to copy the needed data off to a super fast, dedicated server. This is much cheaper than it sounds. In fact, in saved employee time using a dedicated server for BI purposes, our solution should pay for itself in less than a year.

Do you have sensitive data intertwined with the data you want to query? A dedicated server is probably the answer. There is no risk of disseminating sensitive data to users if it doesn't exist in the database they are running queries against.

We have ideas to greatly simplify this process and make it so much easier to get your database to cooperate well with a BI - Business Intelligence tool. We can get Tableau and Microsoft Power BI to use the data from ANY database. We’ll even set up a trick that makes it vastly easier to get data out by any range of types of dates. For example, maybe you want to compare week 13 to week 42 in two different years. This is easy if you know what to do and you don’t have to worry about modifications to your system. Your database stays safe and there is no need to change your application code.

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