Arehart Consulting, LLC is committed to quality. Our application development skills will turn your project to do list into production systems quickly and easily.

Programming, design and consultation are available from Arehart Consulting, LLC by the hour. Please call Patrick at 937-439-0444. Our initial meeting and discussion is free of charge or commitment. We want to first discuss your projects and make sure our skill sets appropriately match the work you need done. If we don’t believe we are perfect for helping you then we will let you know up front and free of charge.

Here is a list of the major types of services we provide. If you don’t see yours here, please contact us, we may still be able to help.

Web Design and Hosting

We are web design experts. We can design and host a new website for your business or enhance the one you already have. Visit our dedicated site for Web Design Visit our dedicated site for Web Design: What makes us stand out beyond typical web design firms is we also specialize in data driven sites. […]

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Firewall and Security

pfSense. Enough said, drop the mic. We are an authorized dealer for the only real choice for an internet firewall and router. These devices are amazing and a way more affordable alternative to brands like Cisco. These devices will do anything you want. You want to get logs of your employees internet usage? Done. You […]

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Secure Backups

Bullet proof protection against ransomware, malware, viruses, malicious employees, employee mistakes, and failed hardware. We have so many simple yet very important ways to protect your company data. We can make ransomware a non-concern and help you implement a multi-layered backup of backups approach. You won’t even necessarily have to pay a monthly fee to […]

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Multi-location WAN

Do you have more than one location and want them all to be able to access your central servers safely? Again pfSense routers are the answer. They have specialized hardware enabled encryption and compression chips baked right in. So if you get a gigabit internet line, your VPN encryption between locations will not be slowed down at […]

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Business Intelligence

We can help you with BI. Business intelligence tools don't often work well at first for a lot of databases. We the experience to make easier for everyone to use these fantastic tools. Is your database server aging? Are you worried that intense queries will slow it down? We have simple ways to copy the […]

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We sell VoIP SIP services. SIP replaces any of the copper POTS phone lines or digital PRI lines you are currently using. The savings in monthly fees is amazing. You can purchase a phone server and locate it on your property. Or you can choose a hosted solution. We’ll help guide you to choose the […]

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Application Development

We can code for virtually any platform or device. In the Windows, Linux and Web World our current favorite languages are Java and C#. In the IBM Midrange world such as the IBM i, AS/400, iSeries we can help you with any of the languages it supports. We have the most experience with all the […]

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Database Design

We have been designing databases from the simple to the ultra complex since before most current programmers were born. We design custom databases by learning a business and being part of it. The benefit is that you end up with a database that finally fits your business instead of having to fit your business around […]

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Database Optimization

We can help make SQL queries into your data lightning fast. It doesn’t matter what database platform you have, we can make it faster than you have even wished for. All without replacing your existing hardware or software. If you are close to needing an upgrade to your database hardware we can help. Think about […]

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Road Warriors and Telecommuters

ou need to protect your network from strangers and you need your employees to be able to access resources from the home and the road. You have had crappy choices until now. You could get Cisco products and be safe and broke. But if the VPN is not simple to use for your employees it may […]

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Oracle APEX or Application Express

Alright, so we have already mentioned we have Oracle expertise. We are however so impressed with APEX on Oracle that we think it deserves special mention. If you have needs that are not extremely complicated, then APEX could be the answer. It is especially useful for inquiry type systems, but entire systems can be written […]

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