January 28, 2017

Our Team

Patrick Arehart, President of Arehart Consulting LLC, database design, network servers, telecommunications, integrate older systems with the latest technologyPatrick, CEO, CTO and founding member of Arehart Consulting, LLC

Patrick started programming in 1979 in Houston, Texas. He began his career using mostly mainframe and mini-computers. In the 1990’s Patrick expanded his focus to include PCs and network servers and now works on many different platforms. He can help you integrate your legacy system with current technology. Why throw away a system that is working fine when it just needs a little help integrating it with the latest technology?

Patrick and his family moved back to Dayton Ohio in 1983 and he has been there ever since.

If you need a database designed, Patrick is the one you want on your side.

Patrick has also been working with telecommunication systems since the nineties. His passion for telecommunication occurred because when he first looked at installing phone systems VoIP was beginning to become main stream and he knew it would be big. He loves saving customers money on things they have to have but hate paying for!

Elliott, database display, update your database, database summary, graph your database, LinuxElliott, Lead Programmer and System Architect

Elliott is the “web guy”. If you need your database displayed, updated, summarized or graphed on the web, Elliott is the one to get it done. Your solution will work on the desktop and on mobile devices. He began learning Linux and computer programming in 2004.




Diane, data analyst, quality control, statistical modeling and simulationDiane, Data Analyst and Quality Control

Diane began computer programming in 1981. She has a degree in Mathematics/Statistics in addition to her degree in System Analysis. Diane still likes to program, but her passion is statistics and simulation. Through statistical modeling or simulation she can analyze your data to gain useful insights.

Diane is also the perfect person to perform quality control on the work the rest of us produce.



Benjamin, database design, on premise systems, telecommunications

Benjamin, Programmer, Java, Web, VB

Benjamin has skills in database design and getting data displayed on the web. He has been programming since 2012 and can also produce on premise systems for you.

He is currently training to be another VoIP telecommunication systems expert.





Deborah, Social Media Coordinator, SEO Specialist, Web Designer

Deborah is the mind behind the branding of the company. She remains up to date with our social media accounts and handles our Search Engine Optimization. If you want others to find your site, this is the person you want on your team. She can also design a professional-looking website that fits your vision. 



Sydney, Graphics Design and Web Content Specialist

Sydney has an artistic flair that many, if not all, systems need. Whether you need the right font and color or the perfect picture to go with your content, Sydney is the one that can help. She has been making a living as a graphic designer since 2010.