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If your business has customers then you will mutually benefit from the use of Customer Relationship Management. Keep track of your contacts, networking connections, and leads all in one location. Visit for more details.


The modern business needs a web presence. Not just any website will do, you need something that will showcase your business’ ability to help customers. We specialize in creating elegant websites while also helping your site to be found by search engines. Bring the customers to you!
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We are an authorized dealer for the only real choice for an internet firewall and router. These devices are amazing and a way more affordable alternative to brands like Cisco.

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About Arehart Consulting, LLC

We produce custom solutions for your business.

What challenges is your business facing? Many of these can be solved or improved with computer software and hardware solutions.

We don’t sell, we solve. We have hundreds of products and services. Plus we have over 3 decades of experience. We’ll specifically lay out a plan that actually helps your business. Our goal is that our solutions will pay for themselves many times over.

Arehart Consulting, LLC is committed to quality. Our application development skills will turn your project to do list into production systems quickly and easily.

Contact our CEO Patrick Arehart to get started on your custom solution.

We can help you fax over VoIP

Do you want to switch to VoIP for phone service, but are worried about faxing? We have you covered. You can still use VoIP and your current fax machines for sending and receiving. Ask us how.Visit our Telecommunications page to see more about this service as well as the other phone services we can provide.

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Custom Barcode Printing and Scanning

Did you know we can help you with custom barcode printing and scanning projects? For example, retail shelf labels. We have done lots of barcoding projects. Do you need custom sized barcode labels? Do you need a mobile scanning solution? Did you know QR codes are more reliable than standard “bar” based barcodes like UPC […]

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Data collection using state of the art innovations

Do you have a need to collect data from multiple locations? We have several options to simplify this process that will cost much less than expected. Our innovations and research can make this process easier and cheaper than ever before possible. We have solutions that fit regardless of size. We can help with under a […]

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Do you have databases in multiple locations?

Then take a look at our process for consolidation at

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