System Integration

Are you short on time? Is your team not quite up to speed about technology that would help solve your backlog of projects?
Arehart Web and Tech has expertise in multiple platforms. We also have experience integrating various systems and platforms.

Let us create solutions for you.

Integration Innovations

  • Expose your data to the outside world safely
  • Data replication close to real time
  • Confidential data is NEVER exposed
  • System integration to a web inquiry site, AWS, Azure, open source, packaged, or custom on-premise applications

Back-end Platforms We Have Integrated

  • IBM Power Series (IBM System i, iSeries, AS/400)
  • Unix/Linux
  • Windows
  • Various Databases including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Access, ODBC
  • EDI

Custom Software Integration Solutions

  • Import Orders to Order Entry from customer PDF, EDI Excel, CSV, XML, OCR websites
  • Import Invoices into Accounts Payable from vendor PDF, EDI Excel, CSV, XML OCR websites
  • Customer order history inquiry websites
  • NACHA files for various banking transactions (ACH, EFT, etc.)
  • EFT, Positive Pay integration with banks that have custom formats outside of NACHA
  • Job costing data import
    • Serial Ports
    • Spreadsheets
    • Barcode readers (virtually all brands and types, Intermec, Motorola, smart devices)
    • Custom time clocks
    • Windows CE, iOS, Android
  • Online customer or store inquiry and charting
    • Visualize your data
    • Get date comparisons, examples:
      • Tuesday, of week 31 this year to Tuesday, of week 31 last year (or 3 years ago)
      • Week 35 of this year compared to week 35 of last year
      • Compare any time frame, quarters, months, periods, or custom data ranges
  • Smart import/export of journal entries.
  • EDI
    • Via VAN
    • Via Custom SFTP or FTP
    • Via AS2
  • Miscellaneous data in and out of systems
    • We can automate any import/export you are doing manually
    • Data import/export from your IBM mini-computer using JVM to create systems that cooperate with modern environments See more.

Hardware Integrated

  • Barcode Label printers
    • Package shipping labels
    • LTL Shipping labels with automatic PRO# generation
    • Item or package labels
    • Mass quantities of barcode labels by the sheet
  • Data collection
  • Scales
  • All in one Windows CE, Barcode Scanner, Label Printer

Shipping Systems Integrated

  • UPS Worldship
  • UPS Cloud Services
    • Shipment creation
    • Address validation
    • Tracking requests
  • UPS HMU shipping list upload
  • Fedex Ship Manager Desktop
  • Fedex Ship Manager Server (Fedex’s on premise server)

Arehart Web and Tech

Headquartered in Dayton, OH 45458. 

Proudly serving the U.S. with local access to Southwest Ohio including: Cincinnati, Centerville, Springboro, Kettering, Oakwood, Wilmington, Washington C.H., Hillsboro and more.
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