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We are off-site contract workers. We will visit you in person as you deem necessary, but for the most part the actual day to day development will happen in our offices. We are physically located in Dayton, Ohio and have been here since 1988.

Our effective costs are lower than senior or mid-level full time IT employees.

Our effective costs are much lower than on-site contract workers. In fact our effective rate for you is half, if not 1/3, the rate of of an on-site contract worker.

The following describes some of the reasons our bottom line cost is lower than on-site contract workers or full time employees:

Development Cost Savings

  • You are only billed for hours we are working on your projects. We keep careful track during the day of what we are working on. On-site contractors generally get paid 8 hours every day. Are on-site actually working 8 hours on your project each day they are in your offices? Some argue that they know that least if the worker is on-site they are working. Trust us, we work. We never have long term contracts. We produce every month. You will know if we are working. And you can terminate our relationship at any time.
  • You save resource and space. We do not have a full time office or desk in your offices. If we do come on site, we can use the conference room or the desk of someone who is out for the day. Typically we also are there to just meet with you and probably don’t need a work area at all.
  • By being away from your employees most of the time there is a lot less time wasting conversations and “can you help me with this” that happens when a talented IT professional is sitting right next to non-IT people. We like to help with anything you need, but sometimes our local availability leads to a loss of focus on what you are paying for.
  • Full time employees always get paid 40 hours every week. Our time is flexible and you control it. We work on projects as you have them. Do you have full time employees that aren’t really working on tasks or projects that are complex enough to justify their salary? When we finish a project if you aren’t ready to give us more work, no problem. We’ll be here and ready when you need more help. It is a bit difficult to tell a full time employee to come back in about 6 weeks and that in the mean time you’ll stop paying them.
  • It is more efficient to be able to work on different projects as your mind is ready. Programmers are happier when they get some freedom to choose today’s task. It is not total freedom of course because there are deadlines to meet.
  • You pay nothing for health insurance. We pay all of our own benefits.
  • You don’t pay the additional payroll tax of 7.65% you are paying for all of your full time employees.
  • You don’t pay for our unemployment insurance. And if you terminate us, your unemployment rates are not affected.
  • You don’t pay for our worker’s compensation insurance.
  • Full time employees expect you to pay for their training. We pay for all of our own training. We are very motivated to keep learning, whether it be spending several hours a week learning new skills on our own or going to a class. Either way, you benefit from our constantly enhanced skills
  • You benefit from our experiences at several other businesses. We get a lot more hands-on, real-world experience by learning several businesses over decades. You need outside talent to come in on a regular basis to bring in new ideas and perspectives that your staff has not noticed.
  • Full time IT employees often want the latest and greatest hardware to play with. We are not ever going to push you to upgrade just so our skill set can benefit from the latest edition of the newest platform. We already do this ourselves. If you don’t need something, we aren’t going to ask you to get it.
  • You don’t pay us when we are on vacation. You can contact us during vacation! We charge by the hour, so it wouldn’t be free, but we do not block out times when you couldn’t call your contractor. We are always available.
  • We have low turnover. Very low. In fact if you choose to work with Patrick your chances are zero that he leaves your company by his choice. Patrick has customers for 30 years. How much is long term, in-depth knowledge worth to your company?

Hardware Cost Savings

We are an authorized distributor for Techdata, Ingram Micro, and Target Distributing. If you become a regular monthly customer, we’ll sell you anything at our cost. That’s right, we won’t mark up anything we sell to you. We’ll charge you sales tax, but you knew that.

Since we won’t make any money on products themselves you can be assured we are not up-selling hardware just to make more money. We are your trusted advisers for development and hardware needs.

Extra BONUS Savings by Engaging Arehart Web and Tech

We constantly save our customers money. We learn about new opportunities and cost-saving ideas all the time. Every once in a while we’ll do something for you that saves you time and money, monthly and for years. We’ll do something like the automation or simplification of a process. This allows staff reduction, or the option of reassignment of employees to other company beneficial tasks. We will make someone somewhere more efficient, and we always have.

Other opportunities include large cost reductions in inventory or an increase in revenue from business intelligence insights, gained from our experience in creating additional tables of information from your existing database.

The longer we work for you the more times we can help you recover most, if not all, of our costs.

Telecommunications Savings

Do you need a new phone system? Imagine the cost savings of no markup on all the phones and the phone server. Plus the systems we sell use VoIP SIP trunking which pretty much means your phone system literally saves you money. SIP trunking is so much cheaper than Analog or even PRI lines, you won’t believe it! At the same time the voice quality goes up, maintenance goes down, and there is way less wiring to maintain for the phones.

For more information on unified communication phone systems utilizing VoIP and SIP go to our telecommunications page and  authorized products page.

Software Maintenance Cost Savings

All of the code we write for you is yours. Any code we give to you that we have already written is yours. We do not charge an annual or monthly software maintenance charge.

Imagine if you replace your accounting, WMS, inventory or distribution system with ours? You no longer have to pay a yearly fee to just use the same old software every year.

If you become a regular monthly customer, we have existing software that is available to you at no cost. Yes that is correct, free. Free is not our favorite word, but this is what we do with our best and valued customers!

All of the source code is yours too, no worries in the unlikely event our relationship terminates.

Legacy System Savings

Do you have employees working on your IBM i that are about to retire? Well we are nowhere near retirement and we have vast knowledge and wisdom for the IBM i. In fact if you still have mainframe or S/36 systems to deal with it, we can also help with those.

IBM i talent keeps going up. If you hire full time employees, you pay full freight.

IBM i talent keeps getting poached too. This will get worse as time goes on. We already have the IBM i and RPG programming talent you need. No need to keep looking and we won’t go away.

We rarely raise our rates. We have had one increase in 15 years and we believe in a long term, respectful relationship. Just because IBM i talent keeps getting scarce doesn’t mean we are going to gouge you for our knowledge.

Click here for additional information on IBM i, ibm system i as400 iseries.

If you are located in Southwest Ohio or Columbus Ohio we are within about an hour drive for when we need to have an on-site presence.

We have served all over the place in Ohio, including Wilmington, Hillsboro, Washington Court House, Springboro.

Arehart Web and Tech

Headquartered in Dayton, OH 45458. 

Proudly serving the U.S. with local access to Southwest Ohio including: Cincinnati, Centerville, Springboro, Kettering, Oakwood, Wilmington, Washington C.H., Hillsboro and more.
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