Listed below is a partial list of industries Arehart Web and Tech has served. We have worked with a large variety of businesses.

Various Industries involving Distribution, Manufacturing,  and Warehousing

  • Manufacturing, Warehousing, Invoicing, Accounting
  • End to end order control, production, purchasing, shipping
  • Online open order and package tracking
  • Purchasing and manufacturing control
  • Significant reduction in human item handling and paperwork
  • Automated order input from PDF, Excel, CSV, etc.
  • Custom online ordering system for distributors
  • Supports multiple locations
  • Single VoIP phone system for multiple locations saves thousands per year in phone costs

Pharmaceutical (Wholesale and Retail)

  • Allow inquiry of inventory of all locations for inter-company transfer
    • Reduce expensive inventory
    • Takes advantage of many locations
    • Instantly can find unused inventory in one location that is needed in another
  • Setup CSOS supplier and purchasers so customer orders are automatically imported into back end system
  • Online reporting systems to allow sales comparisons
    • Consolidated inventory review and trends
    • Charting
    • Date comparisons
    • Negative inventory reporting
  • Automate EDI import from various pharmacy systems into back end system
  • Wirelessly print custom shelf labels – scan item, print a shelf label


  • Websites: Design, hosting and maintenance. After initial completion you can help maintain it if you would like to reduce costs.
  • Database design to help you track members, donors, activities, awards
  • Keep your network and data secure and safe from malicious users or disaster
  • Access your entity’s data resources from your home, phone, or hotel room.
  • Reduce telecommunication costs. This could pay for our services alone.
  • We’ll listen to your issues and come up with solutions together.
  • We provide solutions that save money or increase revenue to overcome our fees.

Mobile Smart Device Customization and Barcoding

  • See
  • Custom mobile database barcode scanning and printing applications
  • Remote users can download program and database updates via the web
  • Windows CE, C#
  • Motorola (MC2180)
  • Avery Dennison (Monarch 6039)
  • Custom barcode labels in ZPL and EPL, including LTL shipments, UPS, Fedex, package labels
  • Inventory barcoding
  • Document barcoding and storage


  • Encode and decode EDI documents you need and integrate with your systems without the need to purchase a full EDI translation system
  • NACHA Bank transactions

Custom Data Visualization and Display

  • Date range comparisons including filtering and grouping for any range of dates (cross year and same year)
  • Online charting of data or multiple groups of data on the same chart
  • Custom filtered/grouped/sorted display of your data in tabular format from a single or multiple databases enabling a consolidated view of your data in one place

Turbine Electrical Generation and Turbine Marine Propulsion

  • Job Cost, Manufacturing, Inventory Control and Accounting
  • Complete serial numbered, transaction based inventory control and purchasing systems
    • Live and history inventory counts can be reported as of any date and time
    • All items serialized by barcode
    • All items located in unlimited levels of bin storage areas
    • Complete drawing-based bill of materials; handles subcontract service transactions of items keeping track by serial number
  • Document control – allows full reporting of material certifications of every serialized or batch number component used on a multi-million dollar produced unit
  • Customized job costing (Engineering, Production Labor, Material)
  • Financials interface directly with inventory and job costing
  • Multi-location capable

Multi-location Fast Food Restaurants

  • POS extraction, updates, support
  • Marketing support
  • Sales and costs reporting

Multi-location Jewelry

  • POS update, updates, support
  • Backend accounting, distribution, customer repairs
  • Purchasing
  • Accounting

LTL and Truckload Shipping

  • Interfaces to load tracking for external EDI reporting of tracking for sub-contract partners
  • Sales support
  • Communications
  • Server, User, Networking support

Forklift Sales Quotations

  • Customized sales quoting system
  • Other similar products for customized sales quoting:
    • Robotics
    • Earth Movers
    • Paper presses
    • Any industrial machine with several options that make quotations complicated
  • History of quotes and sales
  • Battery suggestions

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