Take advantage of what we know. We will make sure your project is completed to your satisfaction. Below are examples of some of the skills we have. We will work with your team and resources as much as you like to reduce our fees.

Web Solutions

  • On premise systems migration to the cloud
  • Custom modern web application development, mobile compatible
  • Cloud integration for your data using the best of breed services such as Amazon Web Services
  • Custom inquiry of your data from single or multiple databases
  • Comparison for any range of data to any other range of data
  • Charting of any of your data

Remote Data Collection

  • Transfer data over internet, cellular, analog POTS modem, even satellite
  • Complete remote control is possible with no on premise personnel
  • Remote reboots and monitoring
  • Collect data via serial, Bluetooth, Ethernet, barcodes, RF barcodes, keyboard etc
  • Any equipment with any connection (scales, scientific environment, inventory, passive)
  • Complete custom environment solutions
  • Sectors: Government, Private, International

Distribution, Purchasing, and Inventory Control

  • Decades of experience writing and maintaining custom and packaged solutions
  • Can automate the shipping and invoice process, eliminating a step to get product and invoices out as soon as possible
  • Easily handle multiple locations

Mobile Smart Device Customization and Barcoding

  • See
  • Custom mobile database barcode scanning and printing applications
  • Remote users can download program and database updates via the web
  • Windows CE, C#
  • Motorola (MC2180)
  • Avery Dennison (Monarch 6039)
  • Custom barcode labels in ZPL and EPL, including LTL shipments, UPS, Fedex, package labels
  • Inventory barcoding
  • Document barcoding and storage


  • Encode and decode EDI documents you need and integrate with your systems without the need to purchase a full EDI translation system
  • NACHA Bank transactions

Custom Data Visualization and Display

  • Date range comparisons including filtering and grouping for any range of dates (cross year and same year)
  • Online charting of data or multiple groups of data on the same chart
  • Custom filtered/grouped/sorted display of your data in tabular format from a single or multiple databases enabling a consolidated view of your data in one place

Business Intelligence

  • Expertise in Microsoft Power BI and Tableau
  • Lightning fast inquiries from your databases using inexpensive tricks
  • Start using these powerful tools in days
  • We set it all up and train your team
  • If your database server is not ready for the extra load we have cheap ways to solve this and make queries 12 times faster than they are now!
  • We have several ways to make modern Business Intelligence (BI) tools work with ANY database including IBM Power Systems (AS400, IBM System i, or iSeries)

Mainframe and Mini-Computer

  • Turnkey integrated systems for IBM Power Systems (AS400, IBM System i, or iSeries) – Accounting, Inventory, Order Entry, Job Cost
  • Automation of Import/Export of data from these systems for web, automated data entry, EDI, etc.
  • Programmer tools, including an automated subfile generator in RPG.
  • Custom software development in RPG or any other language on a System i, either writing new systems or enhancing your current systems
  • Conversions from or to the IBM Power System platform.
  • Ask us about our unique ways to modernize without converting or moving away from the IBM Power System. Saves you tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Considerable expertise on S/36 environment, both maintaining software and converting to another platform


  • Decades of experience in shipping packages and LTL shipping
  • Automated quoting of shipment fees at time of order for both LTL and packages
  • Automatic labels with PRO#’s for LTL shipments
  • Many interfaces with UPS and Fedex

Custom System and Database Design

  • Decades of experience designing custom solutions around your business
  • We will help you figure out what you want and what you need including the selection of platforms or cloud services that compliment your business
  • Start immediately without months of study; we will match systems to your business flow

Custom Utility Solutions

  • Data conversion from PDF, OCR into various formats including Excel, EDI, XML, Database, CSV

Platforms and Languages

  • Java (desktop and Web)
  • C#
  • Web Development (Tomcat, PHP, Python, etc.)
  • All databases (MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Faircom, etc.)
  • IBM Power Systems (AS400, IBM System i, or iSeries)
  • Access and VBA for Microsoft Office

Arehart Web and Tech

Headquartered in Dayton, OH 45458. 

Proudly serving the U.S. with local access to Southwest Ohio including: Cincinnati, Centerville, Springboro, Kettering, Oakwood, Wilmington, Washington C.H., Hillsboro and more.
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