Spreadsheet Template - Prioritized Brainstorm

Organize your brainstorm sessions.

Headings include: Sequence, Date, Idea, Possible, Cost, Person 1 Rank, Person 2 Rank, Entered by, Details, Notes.

Make a to-do list where you can rank tasks in order of importance.

Headings include: Sequence, Entered, Entered by, Assigned to, Priority, Idea, Status, Next Update, Due, Started, Cost, Details, Notes.

Keep track of your spending whether it be personal, business, or otherwise.

Headings include: Date, Credit Card used, Purchased From, Quantity, Dollars, Extended, Shipped to, Project, Description.

Keep track of your family sharing plan. Stay up-to-date on payments that have been made or know when someone has fallen behind.

Headings include: Entry, Statement Date, Amount, Balance, and Notes.

Make your trip to the grocery store much easier with this template.

Heading names include: Sort and Category Descriptions, Item, Brands, Brand Alternate, Store, Priority, Last Purchase Date, Next Purchase Date, Times Per Years, Substitutes.

Use this template to rank your favorite movies or make a must-watch list.

Headings include: Date, Date Watched, My Priority, Description, IMDB Rating, Type, Year, MPAA, Star 1, Star 2, Star 3, Director, Notes.

Plan and organizers speakers that are coming to talk to your club.

Headings include: Sequence, Date, Idea, Possible, Cost, Person 1 Rank, Person 2 Rank, Entered by, Details, Notes.

Build a list where you can rank items in order of importance.

Headings include: Date, Original Sequence, Priority, Purge, Description, Long Description, Category, Sub Category, Amount, and Notes.

Start here. This is a basic template for anything you want to build in Excel.

Headings include: Sequence, Date, Item, Quantity, Price, Extended and Description.

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