July 18, 2017

Road Warriors and Telecommuters

You need to protect your network from strangers and you need your employees to be able to access resources from the home and the road. You have had crappy choices until now. You could get Cisco products and be safe and broke. But if the VPN is not simple to use for your employees it may as well not exist. What if we could setup VPN access that is safe, simple and CHEAP? Again pfSense is the answer.

When your traveling road warriors are on a public network they should be encrypting all of their traffic, that means they should be using an encrypted VPN. We’ll set it up so your employees can use your servers and the internet as safely in an airport or hotel as they can while in your offices. This is an even bigger deal should the data they transmit or receive be sensitive or subject to HIPPA or Export laws! Be smart and protect yourself with simple to use procedures.

Best of all, we have phone system solutions that along with pfSense allow your employees to use your phone system from anywhere on the planet and possibly the International Space Station like they are sitting next to it. If you get phone service and a phone server from us, you will actually save money and have unbelievable features at the same time. And that doesn’t mean you only save money on the system because of our fantastic pricing. You can purchase a system and because of the cheaper VoIP phone lines, you would literally save money on a monthly basis and have a new cutting edge phone system. We know how to do it all. You don’t have to understand why it works or how to set it up, but we’ll train you if you like!

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