July 18, 2017

Oracle APEX or Application Express

Alright, so we have already mentioned we have Oracle expertise. We are however so impressed with APEX on Oracle that we think it deserves special mention. If you have needs that are not extremely complicated, then APEX could be the answer. It is especially useful for inquiry type systems, but entire systems can be written with it.

Another rapid tool that only works with Oracle is http://theformspider.com. This lets you do more than you can with APEX and it uses standard source code methods. It is more flexible and easier to maintain once a project gets too large to make sense in APEX.

Either of these tools can be used even if you don’t have Oracle in certain situations. Especially if your data is not huge this can also be CHEAP. Oracle has a free version of its database that handles up to 11 GB of data. We could copy your data into Oracle and then use APEX or the formspider.com to make inquiries to produce inquiry tables, charts, graphs, etc. in standard web browsers. This is similar to how business intelligence tools work but it is more structured and you would not need licenses to Tableau or Microsoft Power BI.

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