Application Development

We can code for virtually any platform or device.

In the Windows, Linux and Web World our current favorite languages are Java and C#.

In the IBM Midrange world such as the IBM i, AS/400, iSeries we can help you with any of the languages it supports. We have the most experience with all the flavors of RPG through RPG-Free. We can even read, change, modify and convert RPG II and OCL from the S/36.

Our favorite type of application to work on is one involving Java and RPG.

We have development experience with specialized mobile devices, like handheld computers with built in barcode scanners and barcode printers. If you need something unique for your store shelf labels or for your warehouse control, we can design, write it and train your users. We’ll even integrate it with your AS/400, all of which are skills not everyone can do without you having to lift a finger!

As a side note, we can help you design custom labels for these handheld computers. We can get it accurate to within 1/10000 of an inch.

If you don’t have your project completely spec’d out, don’t sweat the design process! We’ll help you figure out exactly what you want. We do this all the time. Our current record to break is a 30 minute meeting where went away with 9 months worth of work. The customer was thrilled. They saved hundreds of their own hours by not having to hold our hand every minute.

Arehart Web and Tech

Headquartered in Dayton OH 45458. 

Proudly serving the U.S. with local access to Southwest Ohio.
Including Cincinnati, Centerville, Springboro, Kettering, Oakwood, Wilmington, Washington C.H., Hillsboro and more.
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