July 21, 2017

Custom IT

What challenges is your business facing? Many of these can be solved or improved with computer software and hardware solutions.

We don’t sell, we solve. We have hundreds of products and services. Plus we have over 3 decades of experience. We’ll specifically lay out a plan that actually helps your business. The long term goal of all of our solutions is that they pay for themselves. Most often they pay for themselves many times over.

Do you want to increase customer satisfaction, increase sales, ease employee expense/turnover and reduce various costs?

We produce Custom IT Solutions. When asked to sum up all of the products and services we can provide the most concise answer is, “Custom IT Solutions”.

Our President, Patrick Arehart, will meet with you and listen to your challenges. It is much easier to achieve goals that have been clearly defined. You do not need a perfect idea of what you want. You are an expert in your business. We are an expert in ours. Let us help you just like you help your customers. After gathering information together about your business goals, we will describe what they mean in terms of software and hardware. Then together, we discuss and prioritize the list of goals and the implementation of solutions.

Sure we provide items with no customization, but something about the delivery will be customized. It will be customized for you. We are not in the generic widget delivery business. We want to sit down with you and listen to what your challenges are. After discussing your needs and challenges we’ll have drilled down to specific pain points you have. Then we’ll design a custom software and hardware solution that achieves your goals in a timely and affordable manner.

We offer many solutions. Below is a list of solutions we have implemented or are capable of implementing for you. If you need something more specific to your needs and would like to find out what solutions we can provide for you, please contact our President, Patrick Arehart, for a free consultation at 937-439-0444. Visit our Getting Started page for more information.

Arehart Custom ERP Related Software Solutions

We can produce any custom software solution you need. We have a few systems that are ready to install and use immediately. We and/or you are free to customize as much as you like. Our systems can be adapted to run on any database or in the cloud. Read more 

WMS Warehouse Management System

This system is great if you need to track everything! If you are a manufacturer of  complicated products costing over $100,000.00 then you need this system. You can track every nut, bolt, tubing, sheet metal or any other material to the exact purchase, lot number and supplier. Read more

Wholesale Distribution

Available for IBM i (AS/400, iSeries), but could be ported to other databases. Some examples of what our modules include: order entry, invoicing, sales reporting, and seamless integration to our accounting system. Read more 

General Accounting System

Available for IBM i (AS/400, iSeries), but could be ported to other databases. Our modules include: general ledger, accounts payable, and human resources. Read more 

Barcode Shelf Labeler and Barcode Product Labeler

For more details on our barcode products visit: barcodeprintersoftware.com Windows CE device based barcode shelf labeler. Written in C#, it can easily be adapted to PC, tablet or Smartphone app.  Read more