August 7, 2019



Airtame is the perfect all-in-one wireless screen sharing solution. It works across any device, all you need is the Airtame app. All major platforms are supported including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

It’s the perfect tool for a multitude of contexts where screen sharing is the ideal way to present your message. In the classroom, Airtame allows teachers more freedom to move around the room while engaging students. Students can even use the technology to give presentations without having to nervously stand in front of the whole class. Your business will benefit from Airtame too. It’s the best way to hold conferences and meetings where every team member can have the information right in front of them.

Airtame is the essential wireless screen sharing solution for business and education. Arehart Consulting, LLC is a dealer for this revolutionary tool. Contact us today at 937-439-0444 or use the form below to begin the process of upgrading your work environment.

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