Expense Management

With Concur’s cloud-based and mobile expense solution, you can integrate all your expense data and manage the entire expense process in a single, simple system, so you get complete visibility and total control of what your business is spending.


5 Reasons To Stop Using Spreadsheets to Manage Expense Reporting
Concur Expense Overview
Concur Expense Demo

Did you know?
  • Expense automation results in a 59% decrease in the cost of every expense report transaction.
  • Visibility into expenses decreases the cost of each expense report from $41 to $11.
Would you like to:
  • Tighten your checks and balances?
  • Eliminate paper receipts?
Let’s have a conversation.
  • What type of expense reporting system are you currently using? Any challenges with it?
  • Are you able to see all your spend in one place, using one solution?
  • Do your corporate card transactions currently pre-populate into your expense reports?

With the help of our cloud partner we can help you automate all of your expense reports and help control travel expenses.

We’ll make everyone’s job easier and save money at the same time.

Call us at 937-439-0444 or visit Concur for more information.

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